Oh, hello!

I got a little bit distracted.

Okay, a lot distracted.

Hawaii happened.

My grandfather's funeral happened.

A new job happened.

Life happened!

But I'm back! Stick around, won't you? Things just got interesting.

I've traded snow and sub-zero for sand and sunshine. I'm calling the lovely little island of Kauai my home for two weeks -- house and cat-sitting -- and I'm not sure that I could be much happier. No phone, no trains, no winter boots. February just became my new favorite month.

Oh the weather outside is weather!

We've survived the great blizzard of 2011! The city practically came to a standstill and there were snowball fights and fort building. It was a proper snow day for nearly everyone I know in the city.

Come fly with me!

So I have a terribly boring globe light suspended directly over the bed in my tiny room. It's not particularly offensive, just fantastically boring. When I moved in, I promptly strung some flowers around the thing, to give me something to look at while I stretched out on my bed.

But that got boring, too. I fixed that tonight with some help of some Snow & Graham wrapping paper [one of the lovely perks of working there was being allowed to steal some damaged sheets -- it has fueled many a craft night. Hi, Snow & Grahamites!] and a few quick folds:

Fold, fold, fold, fold, fold aaaaand

Boring no longer! I'll just hope that I don't eventually wake up to a crash landing onto my face.

My little corner of the world.

It's been so cold outside that I've been spending more and more time holed up in our cozy little flat, watching British game shows and drinking chamomile tea. Luckily, our place isn't one that I mind being stuck in. These are a few of my favorite shots that remind me why!

I wish that I could remember what story had everyone so captivated!
What is your favorite place to be?

Oh, the weather outside is weather.

Oh winter, how I loathe it and love it. Snow walks, skating downtown, hot chocolate, sledding. Thousands of layers, frostbitten fingers, long underwear, runny noses. My opinion changes from hour to hour, and it usually corresponds directly to the number of slushy puddles I've accidentally stepped in. I'll keep trying to focus on the positives, although I might start dumping Kahlua into the cocoa.


A few years ago, someone gave me the book "1,000 Places To See Before You Die"; I know that it was a perfectly well-intentioned gift, but it was actually one of the meanest presents that a person could hand me. I can't really plan an exploration of the Amalfi Coast or the Amazon rainforest on my current salary. But I've made a grand resolution this year: I will visit one new place around the world every weekend. What else do I have to do?

First stop: the pyramids of Giza. My roommate recently came back from a glorious expedition to Egypt, with tales of Nile cruises and hot air balloons at sunrise, so I decided to follow in her footsteps. Her love for the area was literarily fueled by Elizabeth Peters' delightful Amelia Peabody; mine springs from Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot. I still dream of a Nile tour, but at least I can check off one of the wonders of the ancient world from my endless list of places to see.

Happy new year, you're my only vice.

I rang in 2011 with some of my favorite people, which was an excellent start to the whole shebang. The evening began with a necessary appearance at at the delightful Stacy's glitter extravaganza, which was spectacularly swimming in sparkles [her picture on the floor below was staged, the glitter didn't kill her] and then onto Josh & Jordan's for the final countdown. We also helped a drunken, bleeding, cell-phone-less 18 year old stranger on the street find a ride home, so I'm pretty sure I've done my good deed for the year. Anything else is just above and beyond. Happy new year, kids!

Begin anywhere.

Everyone is making resolutions and setting goals, but I don't have clear picture of what I want the next year to be, besides filled with delicious snacks. I feel like I ought to remedy that, even in the most hopeful of vague aspirations. While I'm figuring things out, I keep returning to my favorite bit of life-advice I've ever received, from one of my most beloved human beings on the planet. Mr. Gould offered it in an email years ago, but it still hangs on my wall as a friendly reminder.

He's right. Time to get up and go.

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