Let's get this out of the way.

The prospect of biking in Amsterdam was far too terrifying for me to handle -- mostly due to the fact that I get distracted by something every five seconds -- but I desperately wanted to fulfill this Dutch cliché, so we picked a pretty morning and took a couple of bikes for a spin in Vondelpark. Much better.  No one died.

Lucerne III: The Golden Pretzel Rises.

Hotel hallway! Good morning!
The rest of the time in Lucerne was a haze of food and walks, mostly jaunts up into the hilly residential neighborhood.We found wonderful hidden-away parks and playgrounds -- and lovely views, of course.
Dinner at what I have taken to calling "The Golden Pretzel".

The love their golden baked goods.

Up we go!
Found a marvelous [fast] slide...
One second later, i face-planted, skinned my knees, and destroyed my tights. Always an adventure.

Lucerne II:Tokyo Drift.

We wandered along the Musegg Wall, built in the 1300s, and eventually decided to climb one of the towers. One of the towers. What was I thinking? The view was, admittedly, spectacular.

Yes, sure, why not?

Much prefer the downhill bits.

Lucerne: We Begin.

My desire to visit Lucerne derived from a half hour program that I caught on PBS ages ago, which implied that this old Swiss town was nothing but chocolate, pretzels, pastries, and cheese. SOLD.
We got in on a rainy morning; clouds obscured the mountains and made for a soggy day. The only cure: raclette, a dish comprised of melted cheese, potatoes, gherkins, and pickled onions. Can I stay forever, Lucerne?

The Chapel Bridge, first built here in 1333.

Monument to the Swiss guards massacred during the French Revolution; Mark Twain described it as the "most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world".

Oh hey, mountains!

A plate of cheese for dinner.
View from our room!

Au revoir!

Oh snap, fallen behind again! I'm heading to Paris tomorrow [I've only been to the Vegas version, five years ago!], but I'll try to have the Lucerne posts scattered about while I'm away. Any Paris suggestions?

To Switzerland!

We took an overnight train to Switzerland, complete with our very own sleeping car. It was just as much fun as I had hoped, albeit a little less glamourous than the Orient Express.  Bunk beds, a tiny sink, a terrifying ladder that I was convinced couldn't hold my weight... such excitement. The main problem was that I couldn't tear myself away from the window until two in the morning; there were too many castles, riverboats, tiny German towns to see. I'd love to do it again.


Prague by night is another wonder in itself. I'd like another week of nocturnal wanderings there. 
We also fit in an extraordinary club while we were there, to meet up with some friends of our hosts. Cross Club is an incredible labyrinth of iron work and inventions; every floor, every room is something unique. It felt like we had stepped onto the set of a futuristic dystopian film.
Photo via lexinlondon

Cross Club photos via their website.

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