Ah. Yes. The first snow is happening in Chicago. I'm already thinking fondly of sunnier times in the past, so I'm returning to Lisbon for a few more photos.

Alfama is the oldest district in Lisbon, and it also happens to be the windiest, stair-iest portion, too. It is filled with colorful tiles, narrow staircases, and the strains of the traditional fado singing coming out of the bars tucked into the corners along the way. It's best to start at the top and just head downhill along random paths -- you'll know when to stop when you run into the sea.

Care for a drink?

If you do find yourself wandering around Lisbon at night and in need of a cocktail, make it a point to stop at the wonderful Chinese Pavilion. It's an easy funicular ride (!) and a stroll from Rossio Square, and an unassuming exterior opens up into something incredible. It started as an antique shop -- no surprise there -- and is now a place to marvel at the collections and sip delicious cocktails served to you by a very kind vest-clad waiter. 

Still in the mood for adventure after that drink? Head a little bit further north and up a small staircase into a courtyard (don't be shy), and you'll come to this door:
Go in! Another cocktail bar awaits - the Procopio. This one is tiny and cozy, and they won't stop feeding you popcorn. No complaints there!
Time to head home. Goodnight, Lisbon!

Good night.

Lisbon was the kind of city that came alive after the sun went down -- the restaurants and bars didn't truly get going until after nine, particularly in the Bairro Alto. It was a pleasure to wander the streets and peer into all of the shops and cafes along the way -- keep an eye open for octopi!

The train station!

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