Old York, Old York.

My cousin's wedding in York pulled us away from Edinburgh for a week, though I gladly would have stayed longer.  What a place to wander! Lodging was a former ice cream factory converted into a loft space, and a quick hop across the river put you in the heart of the city and winding streets. Some of those streets have remained virtually untouched for hundreds of years! It was excellent for time traveling.

From the gallery.

The Scottish National Gallery is the perfect bite-sized museum in the heart of Edinburgh. The colorful rooms hold surprising treasures.


Day trip to Inverness! We took a bus through the highlands and wandered the riverside parks (I have no explanation for the hippos), stopped at three pubs, and watched the sun set over the town.

Paint the town.

Wouldn't you know it -- a previous week of sun and blue skies, and I finally drag my camera out when it turns to grey. To combat this, I went in search of a little color and was pleased with what I found.

Evening strolls.

We'd wait until the sun began to fade to venture through town and towards Miro's Mountain, a peak that formed the south end of the cove. For the [brief] climbs, I wore shorts, tank tops, and tennis shoes -- you'll never see me sportier than that. 

Morning walks.

During out month in Costa Rica, we'd try to take advantage of the beach every morning before work. And okay, yes, we also took advantage of the fresh chocolate croissants at the bakery next door and the occasional trek to a local cafe to try out our Spanish breakfast terms. 

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