Window shopping.

I made the absolutely terrible wonderful decision to wander Michigan Avenue during holiday shopping time and 8 degree weather to get glimpse of holiday lights and sparkling window displays. I spent the whole time listening to Sinatra sing about this beautiful city and was reminded of what a gorgeous town it really can be.


The lakefront park is a mere five minute walk from my apartment, but I rarely see it in the winter -- except from a cozy perch in a warm bus on Lakeshore Drive. I made an in-person visit this week to give the lake my regards, but the reception was awfully chilly. 
Come along on my walk? Wear layers!

Blogger...edited this photo as it uploaded? I have no idea what happened, but it refuses to be fixed. I am mystified.

It...edited this one, too. Does it hate my hat?
A warmer reality is never too far away! Time to head home for tea.


(A list stolen from the lovely Sandra)

Hair today: a very haphazard crown of braids.

Plans today: recovering from a 4:30 am bedtime and a lunch at the Chicago Diner 

Today's fun event: Stardust Showcase tonight, hosted by the lovely Alexandra!

Today's jewelry:

Today's song: Al Bowlly's "The Very Thought of You"

Current longing: to be anywhere with temperatures above 20 degrees.

Today's make-up: Urban Decay's Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color (holy moly, that's a wordy name) and false eyelashes, shhh!

Current desire: a storybook duvet cover!

Today's food: Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpet, from Julia!

Current thought: I'm late for the show! Goodnight!

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