And the rest.

I'll just wrap up, yes? I'll just squoosh the remaining months together. The rest of the year involved settling back into Chicago life, but that didn't mean that there weren't a few adventures: DC, Las Vegas, New Haven,  Madison, LA, and a giant family Thanksgiving in Tennessee. I spent time at the wonderful Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago [including an all-day bird symposium -- if you read this, Josh, I am heading in a birder direction...], spent a gorgeous snowy evening with Andrew Bird, realized that I was in my thirties, and bought an accordion. 2013, I'm ready for you. I'm sure it will be plenty weird, and I'm crossing my fingers for just as wonderful.

May & June.

I was going to cover the next four months, but I got overwhelmed with May and June alone! They were some of the busiest months of my young life: exploring Edinburgh, picnicking in London, making dreams come true in Oxford, munching on pretzels in Lucerne, buying books in Paris, sampling beer in Prague, biking in Vondelpark, drinking for Queen's Day/Night, splishing in the North Sea and Loch Ness, enjoying spring in Holland, and wandering the streets with a beloved visitor.  


Forgive the nostalgia -- faced with the beginning of another year, I can't help looking back at the 12 months that came before. The first third of 2012 involved exploring my own city, discovering Nashville, and heading overseas. It was an awfully good start.
Watching friend perform at The Book Cellar.

New friends in Nashville... 
... and new friends at the Field Museum. 
Off we go!

To market.

Every winter, a little German holiday market pops up in the plaza a couple of blocks from where I work downtown. It's a lovely spot to meet up and munch on a pretzel, buy a basket full of Kinder chocolates, or down a boot's worth of mulled wine. 
And let's not forget the tree hair ornaments available for purchase there.

A Vida Portuguesa

I wanted one new blog post in 2017, with the promise to myself to document my travels in the new year, before I completely forget the a...