I still can't believe that this will be my home for the next few months. This is a shot from the end of my street; the surrounding neighborhood is just as beautiful. I've eaten cheese by a canal [my real reason for being here], bought so many flowers that i ran out of vases, and have almost been run over by multiple bikes. I've squeezed in a concert with one of my cousins, discovered a shop nearby that sells fancy knee socks, and have been mistaken for a Dutch person five times and counting. I feel terrible every time I have to admit that 1) I only speak English and 2) I have no idea where I am. I managed to have two [TWO!] interactions today that were conducted fully in Dutch. And okay, fine, the interactions only required me to say "no", "please", and "thank you", but at least the other individual didn't feel the need to switch over to English, although everyone is quite fluent. More pictures to come -- i've been too distracted and overwhelmed for photos -- but here are the plants filling the apartment at the moment. Amsterdam is even lovelier than I remembered.


  1. Emily! I'm so glad that I picked this moment to catch up with your blog!!!! What oh what are you up to?! Yay!!!!!!!!!

    Funny, I am writing this to you from Holland, MI. :)

  2. Ahhh Erin, so happy to see this comment! Love that you're in a Holland of your own! Send me a quick email [oncearoundtheblock [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll catch you up! I hope that you are wonderful!!


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