Care for a drink?

If you do find yourself wandering around Lisbon at night and in need of a cocktail, make it a point to stop at the wonderful Chinese Pavilion. It's an easy funicular ride (!) and a stroll from Rossio Square, and an unassuming exterior opens up into something incredible. It started as an antique shop -- no surprise there -- and is now a place to marvel at the collections and sip delicious cocktails served to you by a very kind vest-clad waiter. 

Still in the mood for adventure after that drink? Head a little bit further north and up a small staircase into a courtyard (don't be shy), and you'll come to this door:
Go in! Another cocktail bar awaits - the Procopio. This one is tiny and cozy, and they won't stop feeding you popcorn. No complaints there!
Time to head home. Goodnight, Lisbon!


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