Hang with me.

I am officially in love with New Haven. Vintage shops, cheese bistros, classic cocktails? How could I resist? After a visit to the marvelous Peabody Museum [my camera refused to work at the first sign of a dinosaur], we made a stop at Fashionista, ostensibly to pick up some costumery for Andrew. Mistake. I ended up sucked into the wonderful world of vintage finery -- the women there could take one look at you and pull out your new favorite dress. I walked away with two, an Adele Simpson and a 1940s house dress, both bundled into a fabric sack and stuck through with a wooden pole, hobo-style.
After Andrew extracted me from THAT situation, we headed around the corner to Caseus, the CHEESE BISTRO. They somewhat apologetically sat us next to the cheese locker; we couldn't have been happier.

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After slightly less classy [but no less amusing] activities -- surprise birthday parties, LOTR drinking games, flamingo felonies, IHOP -- I was promised a fancy outing. 116 Crown did nicely, as did my companion for the evening, Captain Hammer.
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The rest of the evening involved eight fancy pizzas, a nice selection of whiskey, and one the most diverse and fascinating groups of people I've met. The next day, though, was the LIBRARY TOUR. It all comes down to that.


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