The wild parrots of Telegraph Hill.

Sooo we were all the way at the bottom of the hills, at the shorefront, and the burgeoning wildlife enthusiast within me, buoyed by the recent sea lion success, felt that we needed to track down the parrots of Telegraph Hill, and while we're at it, why not climb to Coit Tower at the top? I mean, I'm not wearing the appropriate shoes for it, but it sounds fun (story of my life)! And so, with no vague notion of where the birds might be, we began the climb.


We rounded a corner halfway up and were greeted with furious squawking. Parrots ahoy! I'll spare you pictures of all ten of them, but what fun.

We took a bus back down the hill (I think we're doing it wrong) and walked through North Beach, which reminded me of Paris, and after a quick stop at City Lights bookshop, wound our way through Chinatown. And then my feet fell off, the end. Very sad.

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