I open with another shot of the bridge because this is where our journey to Sausalito began. Due to a wonderful coincidence, Andrew (of New Haven fame) was also in town with his charming lady, and we planned on taking a ferry to the little nearby coastal town with them, but a mix-up with departure times squashed our boat plan. Jordan suggested that we might as well just walk there, if we planned on hoofing it across the bridge anyway. Brilliant! Well, it would have been, except that the path that we were supposed to take was not so much a path as it was the side of the windy road. At least it was downhill! It was a gorgeous little stretch, and we made it to Sausalito in time to meet up with Andrew and Elizabeth, marvel at a sock store, buy Japanese erasers, and catch a ferry home.
Our departure point peeking out from the hills!


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