London town.

 I don't deal with jetlag well. I turn into a cranky, non-functioning mess. But when my parents arrived in London, after a sleepless overnight flight, they were a excited to drop off their bags at the flat and poke around the city. I don't know how they did it. They weren't even grumpy! They were chipper! We grabbed some shopping bags and walked the few blocks to the wonderful Borough Market -- it's one of the oldest in London. And oh, the piles of vegetables and fruits and cheeses! We snacked our way through the whole thing -- falafel! Raclette! Duck confit! Cheese puffs! Watermelon juice! -- and took home more for later, and with that, London was off to a wonderful start.

A pigeon buzzed my mom's head while I lined up a shot. This is my favorite photo from the whole trip.

Thanks, Dad!


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