This is not a post about Selfridges in the way that you might expect, although I did visit that store, which THIS post is dedicated to the fact that my darling cousin, Coryell, happens to live next door to where the Selfridges reside in the fictionalized PBS account of their lives. Her apartment building was also used for quite a few of the interior shots when the handsome artist came into play. Other claim to fame: she shares her neighborhood with one Daniel Radcliffe, and I'm including their photo, because of course I am.
My extended family has always been scattered, but we managed to meet up with my dad's brother and most of his gang while in London for a wonderful afternoon. Kirk was over from Amsterdam for work, my aunt took the train up from where she is caring for her mum, Russell took the train down from north of the city, and Coryell just had to cross the street to find us in Kensington Gardens. It was strange and marvelous to have a family reunion in a place where none of us permanently reside! Tea at Kensington Palace, a quick stroll through the neighborhood, and a boisterous Italian meal. I love these folks.


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