I was taking a few photos of my apartment to show a faraway friend and realized that I could show it to all of my faraway friends in one fell swoop. I share a little old brownstone with two lovely roommates, Julia and Anna, and it has high ceilings and wood floors perfect for sliding on. We affectionately refer to our style as "post-modern carnival", due to our penchant for collecting colorful, and only occasionally useful, objects. Every time that I open a drawer or cupboard, there's something new and silly. Let's start with the kitchen, shall we?

The fridge!
Dish scrubber, obviously.
Pasta spoon, of course.
Titanium sporks.
Speaking of which -- Anna immortalized her love of Taco Bell with paint. We've given up eating there, but the memories of cheesy fiesta potatoes will live on.
She also contributed this gem.
Booze globe! It cracks open to hide several bottles. Classy!
Also classy.
Paper straws, a neccessity.
As are creamers.
There's always a snack about.
Pile of aprons for baking snacks.
Also for baking, along with...
...measuring cups, of course!
Wall candy dispenser, so handy.

We have a serious mug overcrowding situation.
But we can't let any of them go!
Training chopsticks, to battle my lack of coordination, and my beloved toadstool spreader, from my grandmother.
Bunny whisk!

You know, just all of the basic kitchen essentials.


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