Last days of summer.

I love going to baseball games. I do. However, when the Cubs end up losing 13-0, the game becomes less about appreciating athletic prowess and more about how many mai tais and pints of liquid cheese I can consume. I can get behind any sporting endeavor that involves the massive intake of junk food.


  1. So, my sister's boyfriend is opening up a grilled cheese sandwich shop in Michigan, and he and her are experimenting with creating the menu and need some samplers soon. J tells me you're an expert grilled cheese sandwich eater, I say you join the tastings :)

  2. !! I like this kid already. What a magical plan. And yes, it's true, I am an experienced grilled cheese sampler -- I'm always available to help!

  3. hey, we went to a game the same day, it's just that i was southside watching the red beat the white


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