Duck day.

I spent yesterday taking advantage of the last gasps of summer weather before the arrival of the inevitable blizzard that I'm sure is headed our way. Despite the fact that my friend and I both have lovely cameras, we failed to remember to drag them along to any of the picturesque locations, including the museum campus at night. Less picturesque but still amazing: my first trip to the American Science & Surplus store, which might be my new favorite shop. Bunsen burners, black hole t-shirts, and dinosaur expectation charts! Ridiculous. Oh and thanks, Jeff's iphone, for the memories. When I am bundled in wool coats and fleece tights, I will look back on them and sigh.


  1. GHA! I have been trying to find that store for 2 years now! A friend of mine went, and told me it's at Foster and Milwaukee, and I've driven by so many times and was never able to find it! Weekend trip, indeed!


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