Some beautiful place to get lost.

Lots of time wandering today; we started out on a mission and then scrapped it for where ever we pleased.

And we're off! Down our street we go.
The flat is around the corner from Westerkerk, built in the 1620s. I hope that i look half this good at 500.
I'll take your bike, please?

This one is for Jordan.
Tights become important when boring coats are required.
Dam Square
I don't care about the purses, but the Louis Vuitton windows were a sight [especially after Hunger Games last night].

Frites met mayo -- poised to strike.
Skeptical; eventually won over.

It took me forever to figure out where the "HI! HI! HI!" was coming from.

When you buy their juice, they let you adopt a bee!
And we collapsed at home.


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