Munch munch munch.

After brunch, we waddled down the street from Julia's apartment to take in the La Brea Tar Pits. What a smell! They weren't lying. We were unprepared for the heartbreaking and yet comical stuck-mammoth-statues, the random pits that pop up and are coned off, and most especially for the giant sloths.
Birthday times rolled on at Babycakes for gluten free donuts, a visit to the incredibly weird Museum of Jurassic Technology [a whole post in itself] and a final stop at the Misfit Bar in Santa Monica, where copious amounts of snacks were consumed. We should not be allowed at tapas establishments, as we have no self-control: mac and cheese [for all! no sharing!], grilled artichoke, corn on the cob, tomato soup, piles of shoestring potatoes. We were very happy girls.

Alexandra AS a bear.


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