Take me to San Luis, Luis.

A and I drove up the coast to San Luis Obispo the next morning, to join in some wedding festivities. I was anticipating a gorgeous, sunny drive along the ocean (and planned the roadtrip mixes accordingly). What we actually encountered was this:
Oh well. 
Just as I was lamenting our luck, we zipped around a hill and ended up in this: 

That's better.
We got into town and had a little bit of time to kill before the rehearsals began. What to do? That was quickly answered when we passed by this glowing invitation:
Have you heard of the Madonna Inn? If not, Google image that stuff immediately. I'll wait.
Piiiiink pink pink, themed rooms, glass goblets, cakes that look like Never-foods from the movie "Hook".  We were confused and delighted. I took a few quick shots, but I couldn't come close to capturing the gilded essence.

We dragged two of our friends back down there in the evening for cocktails/ ridiculously fancy rootbeer floats and watched ballroom dancers [one was 93!] waltz the night away to a live band. It was
beautifully unreal.

We discovered a Belgian beer and fry joint, had a wonderful dinner [no pictures of any of the main events, of course], danced at the Madonna Inn, and rounded out the night at the nearby drive-in, covered in popcorn.


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