We braved the local bus system and took a short trip to the nearby town of Perast this past weekend. We were unceremoniously dropped off on the side of the road at the top of the town, which made for a spectacular, if slightly bewildering, first impression. We ultimately discovered a steep winding staircase to follow into the main square and down to the water's edge, and I didn't trip once. Less than 400 people live in this formerly Venetian-controlled little place, but there are some wonderful restaurants -- and mysterious islands. I'll save that story for another time!

Quietly regretting footwear choices.
The gorgeous dress that I sported on this outing is from the upcoming fall line from Mata Traders (hi, guys!), a marvelous fair trade jewelry and clothing company headquartered in Chicago. I've had the fantastic opportunity to do some work for them these past few months, and the people who comprise the company are just as warm and wonderful (and occasionally silly) as I could have hoped. It's a company that ticks all of my favorite things (ethically produced fashion! pretty dresses! small business! women helping women!), and it's been so much fun to swan around Montenegro in some of the new dresses. More to come on that front, too! 


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