Having a laugh.

My ridiculously delightful and ridiculously tall cousin, Brogan, managed to capture some of the best bits about our little family reunion in Atlanta. Despite the slightly somber reason for everyone being there, it led to an awful lot of this:


And this photo doesn't really fit the theme, but I had to include it to demonstrate the fact that, even at nearly 6', I am one of the shrimps in my family. And they're slouching! Jerks.

At least I can strap on a pair of heels.


  1. This reminds me so much of when my grandma died. Lots and lots of laughter. There was even a Paul Simon dance party. I love those crazy Texans and enjoy seeing them under any circumstance. Wonder family makes sorrow much more tolerable. I'm glad you were able to celebrate your Grandmother's life with your clan.


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