It's all relative.

Before jumping into gratuitous style posts, I wanted to give style credit where it is due: to my mom. Actually, she may not want credit for my heart patterned tights, giant floral headbands, and love of sequins, but too bad.
She gets major credit for two reasons. First, she always let me dress exactly how I liked, without pushing any kind of fashion agenda. Even when I was small, I could wear whatever made me happy, even if it meant letting me out of the house looking like a furry bunch of grapes:

Or possibly:

But look how happy I was! You can't really see the detailing, but those shorts mostly involved orange flowers with puffy paint accents over black leopard spots. Yes. Those boots weren't just for riding either. Perfect anytime! And the red socks peeking out of the boots were a crucial part of the ensemble. If the socks were missing, I would change into something else. Probably striped belted shorts with a polka dot blouse.

My mom, on the other hand, has always managed to look lovely, even in her formative years. She has never worried much about make-up [except for the occasional dramatic lipstick, which I have fully embraced], believes in the power of a bold accessory [I have taken that to mean red satin hair bows or hot pink heels; she is more of a silk scarf or beautiful brooch person], and a red dress is always optimal. Observe:

Floral print romper while growing up in Saudi Arabia. Ahead of her time!

Now, for comparisons sake, here is my mom when she was approximately the age I am now:

And here is what I look like at approximately the age I am now:

Clearly, I still have some work to do.

My mother, however, is still willing to be seen with me in public, no matter what I'm wearing. As long as I'm happy! Thanks, Mom.


  1. Aw! Same here! Once a schoolteacher had to talk to my mom because he thought all the rhinestones on my shorts and my far too mature outfits were distracting to the class. My mum laughed in his face. She's always been a fancy pants, too - all the other school kids made fun of me because she always wore skirts and scarves and heels and never jeans and sneakers like the other moms. We were raised well :)

  2. This post made my day! <3
    My mom always dressed me in little baby outfits... hard to explain! :)

  3. That is an amazing fluffy grape coat.


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