My kind of town.

One particularly lovely thing about living in Chicago is that people are happy to make the trip to visit you. For some reason, people were more reluctant to do so when I resided in Cleveland.

In that spirit, one of my favorite people in the world came to see me a few weekends ago. In our group of friends, she was the one least likely to want to get married and have children. Naturally, she was the first one to experience both. This was her first trip away from the baby, so we used the time wisely. Fresh crepĂ©s, downtown concerts, endless bookstores, zoo carousels, many cups of coffee, swimming [my first time in the lake!], films, and late nights watching the skyline, accompanied by wine and cheese. Fine, not cheese, Cheetos. We're classy girls.

We also discovered "burst mode" on the camera. Oh dear. I cobbled together a little stop motion film of our exploits. Enjoy!

Chicago, Chicago from Emily Graham on Vimeo.


  1. how cute this is. I think I just love your blog. the tights are so inspiring and cheerful!


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