Return trip.

Oxford, again! I never thought I'd get another chance to spend time there, let alone an afternoon to myself. We took a train from Paddington (I almost tripped an unexpected Jude Law on the train) and I had hours to kill before a wonderful group met me for dinner. "Hours to kill", she says, as if there was any trouble whiling away the hours. I wandered around in the most-welcome surprise sunshine and eventually ducked into the Ashmolean (a first for me), bought some cookies biscuits at the covered market, returned to my beloved Pitt Rivers Museum, and finished up my solo afternoon with a pint and a book at the Turf Tavern.

Some intrepid readers [I'm looking at you, parents] will recognize Paolo Uccello's "The Hunt" from a certain Lewis episode...

I had the Pitt Rivers nearly to myself. Good thing, since I took 25 iphone self portraits.
I went on a couple of volunteer-led tours (they LOVE the museum and it showed) and the one older woman informed me that all of the unlocked drawers are fair game. There went two more hours of my life.
For Julia, of COURSE.

Stuff on top of stuff on top of stuff!
The Natural History Museum was undergoing renovations, so all of the displays were smushed together...
...and in disguise.
Extremely subtle outfit for the day.
Winding down.


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