Yer a wizard!

The above: on route to the cafe, two enormous rainbows appeared in the drizzling sky. I caught the tail end of one. ANYWAY.
I've ventured to The Elephant House in Edinburgh a few times, and on this visit, it was only a few minutes walk away. It's awfully cozy, and there's a lovely view of the castle out of the back windows. Its claim to fame is as the place where JK Rowling penned some of the Harry Potter stories -- there seems to be a debate as to whether or not that's true, but that doesn't stop the bathroom graffiti artists from adding their HP notations. I couldn't help but add my name to Dumbledore's Army (and Lindsey, I added your name, too).

The arrow points down to the toilet.


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  2. Please note, I only need a rainbow or two more if you would like to donate to my cause. Thank you.


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