So glad to be back.

After spending a few days in Edinburgh last year, I was dying to come back and get some more time in this town. I read a somewhat derisive description of the city that labelled it as the kind of cliched place that Americans would love: old buildings, winding passageways, a castle on a hill. All true! I'm happy to fulfill that stereotype, at least. My stomach gave an excited lurch when we pulled into Waverly Station, and I've been awfully happy since. Even rainy days are more fun here!
We've rented a flat for the time that we're here, right off of one of the squares and at the foot of the castle. Not a bad way to start and end our days.
The very red bedroom!

Victoria Street, just across the square.

Follow the steps and you'll arrive at our flat!
The red coat and blue hat that will star in EVERY outdoor photo.

From our front door...
...and looking down at our little street. The castle is looming above my head!


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