The Highlands.

We decided that we really ought to get out and see a bit more of Scotland while we had a chance, so we booked a wonderful day tour and headed out to the Highlands. I've never done an official sight-seeing tour beyond an hour or so, and I was slightly unnerved by the prospect of twelve hours on a bus with strangers -- I shouldn't have been. It was a small, comfy Mercedes van with 15 world-travelers and a charming [tiny] Scottish guide who kept us entertained with endless stories and personal anecdotes. I'd have been happy listening to that accent for many more hours.
Anyway. The Highlands. We had a bizarrely grey, misty morning, which softened the craggy peaks and moors into a fairytale setting that was a perfect backdrop for the endless stories. Glencoe, Rannoch Moor, Loch Ness, with stops at towns along the way [and let's not forget the hairy coos!]. You'll notice two things: one, by this point I had traded any pretense of style for coziness and water protection, and two, the sun broke out for a moment or two, with glorious results.
Coffee becomes important when you begin a 12 hour tour at 7:45 in the morning. 

LOCH NESS, ladies and gentlemen.


IN the loch.

A lovely moment in Pitlochry.
A terrifying moment in Pitlochry.

We finished up our long day with snacks at The Elephant House and drinks and a nearby pub. It was a perfectly wonderful Scottish introduction. But on to London!


  1. I wonder if all the yellow fields are rapeseed. It's a difficult name to market, so it became Canadian oil = canola. We saw that and blue fields of flax.



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