Oxford is precisely the kind of place that makes me want to go back to school and study useless but romantic subjects. It's small and wonderfully walkable, and oh, the history that is packed into that little town! The River Thames, the university, the museums. I just want to open a tea shop there, write a novel in a dim flat, and call it a day. 
We stayed in a lovely inn just down the road from the main area; it was a gorgeous walk, rain or shine. We started our adventures along the river, where we watched this fellow...
...stalk and devour a frog:
A murder in Oxford was actually a good start, as we were set to take an Inspector Morse/Inspector Lewis tour a few hours later. "Lewis" is one of my favorite shows, and it is 100% filmed in Oxford. David is very patient with my dorky interests. The walking tour turned out to be a fantastic way to get to know the place.
I spent an awful lot of Oxford with that expression on my face.

Something to aspire to.
Covered market.
Great Hall at Christ Church [HP, anyone?]
Continuing on the HP theme... a familiar stone staircase.
Their coins are far superior to the US.


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