Album cover?
Okay, so, backtracking a couple of weeks: Dave, Jeff, and I headed back to Scheveningen, the seaside resort. After my terrifying fish pedicure, I pulled on my boots and we set out on a search for some rumored Nazi bunkers that had existed along the water. We found a tower immediately; that seemed a little bit too obvious.

Not that it stopped us from a little photo shoot...
Picture OF that picture, WHAT?!
But these were not the bunkers we were after. We started walking down the beach. And walking. And walking. That was a long beach, my friends.
THAT is a bunker.
We have taken to yelling "VERBODEN TOEGANG!" at every opportunity.
Some of us did not listen.
After that glowing success, we splished in the North Sea, warmed up with some hot cocoa [and beer], and took a tram to Delft. Oh Delft, the town that stole my heart. More pictures to come!


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